Trust your judgement

By: Craig Hicks

You’ve got engaged, you’re happy as Larry, and now you are ploughing through the process of planning your big day. Depending on your personal preference, this is either small and simple, or some kind of vast military operation, either way there are key facts to consider what ever your style, and one of these is your evening function.

Live band? Disco? do i need other entertainment like a photo booth or casino??
All amazing questions, and this obviously like everything else comes down to your style of event, and in a lot of cases your budget. One thing to note though. According to research, 80% of your guests remember your evening reception the most compared to everything else in the whole day, and when you think about it, this makes total sense, as this is often the longest part of your celebrations. To that end then, why do most brides leave this part of the planning till last? When i say most, again research shows that 100% of brides leave this crucial decision till the last possible minute, which is actually quite surprising.

Although not seemingly as important as the daytime reception and the ceremony, the evening function is a huge part of your day, so if possible, you should try and move this up your list of priorities. One reason for this is to ensure you get what you actually want, and not what’s available at the time. To put it in to perspective, you’re at a buffet, but decide to wait a bit before going up with your plate. By the time you get there however, all the prime food is gone, and your left with the cold sausage rolls and some curling sandwiches. This analogy can be applied to booking your evening entertainment, so whether it’s a live jazz band, or a chocolate fountain, make sure you book early to ensure you get the perfect accompaniment to your big day.

The internet is your friend up to a point, with loads of wedding directory’s jumping off the front page of your search engine of choice to help you decide who is best in your area, but to be honest, the best way to decide is via recommendations from a friend. The fact someone is telling you just how brilliant a band or magician was because they were at their own, or someones wedding they went to is far preferable to a faceless review by someone who you don’t even know, and who’s tastes doubtless vary massively from yours. With these thoughts in mind, if possible, do try and push the evening part of your wedding up your massive to do list. This way, you get the entertainment you genuinely want, not what you have had to settle with, and ensure your guests leave your wedding enthusing about what a truly amazing day they have had.